Download the CAMP™ IoT Platform Solution Sheet

Effectively managing multiple wireless deployments can be challenging for IoT resellers or solution providers who need the ability to instantly activate, suspend and restore their devices. They also require intelligent data  and usage alerts and analysis to keep connectivity costs under control.

Simplify management and streamline productivity with CAMP™, Choice Business Connection’s proprietary wireless connectivity & management IoT /M2M platform. Download the CAMP™ Solution Sheet to learn how our platform helps solution providers:

  • Quickly address issues and make smarter decisions with real-time alerts and analytics;
  • Manage instant activations, suspensions and restores.
  • Get data usage and alerts. Create current and future tickets and more, with carrier-integrated API’s.
  • Streamline navigation and visibility across plans, pricing, coverage, and features.
  • Avoid mistakes in provisioning your devices on the correct plan and features.

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